Today’s fire apparatus must be built to last AND continue to look good for many years. That’s why we offer a variety of composite material features, many of which are not found in most common fire body materials. Our composite advantages include:

  • Rust-proof
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Lighter than aluminum
  • Tough as steel
  • Incredibly more flexible than aluminum or steel
  • Gel-coated for color maintenance and scratch resistance
  • Replaceable body, panels, and compartments
  • Fire-resistive additives during the molding process
  • Cost-friendly

Our Fire Apparatus has been fire-line proven in rugged environments all across North America for more than 3 decades.

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Photo of Custom Console and Interior Layout

Custom Console and Interior Layout

Console layouts to meet your specific department needs.

Photo of patented composite shelving and strut system

Body Hardware

We use components and hardware designed to match the longevity of your composite body system.

One example –  patented composite shelving and strut system.

fire apparatus stainless steel railing to composite compartments

Additional storage options

Stainless steel railing to composite compartments  – we offer many options.

Easy cleanout is offered in all compartments including the main body.

fire apparatus brush truck chainsaw storage tray

Rear Chainsaw storage

Designed for a large chainsaw, this compartment offers a removable tray to make cleaning and care easy.

Fire apparatus multiplex electrical system

Electrical System

Our multiplex electrical system utilizes automotive style connections. Remote diagnostics is a very helpful feature and included with our electrical systems.

fire apparatus skid system

Skid protection

Protection designed for off road use. Your skid system can be as complete as you desire.

fire apparatus brush truck roll stability test

Off Road designed

Approach, breakover, departure, and roll stability all add up to Off-Road capable.

Transverse Compartments

Storage allowing for longer equipment such as Stokes litter, backboards, even ladders. Fixed shelving or slide out trays with driver/passenger side extensions to meet your specific needs.


BFX the first to utilize high-strength, lightweight fiber composite bodies in light chassis applications.

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