About BFX Fire

Recognized as an industry leader, BFX Fire Apparatus has built notoriety for providing quality and reliable products. In operation since the 1980’s we pride ourselves in developing advanced composite technology, superior pump performance, and first class customer service. See more of our story below…

How We Do It

We are driven by a desire for our products to exceed expectations when working in some of the most hostile and harshest environments imaginable. To accomplish this, we rely on factors such as key members of the BFX Fire Apparatus team. With knowledge and experience totaling more than 100 years, we have seen what works and doesn’t work, develop meaningful relationships with end users and stood where you stand. Our partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies afford us an opportunity to design equipment that not only functions but provide individuals with the ease of maintaining the products over the lifespan of the unit.

BFX Fire Apparatus’ stability and partnerships equate to products designed for your world, the world most people would rather watch on television!