Brush Truck History

At BFX Fire we are driven by a desire to produce products that exceed expectations while operating under harsh, hostile conditions. With over a century of knowledge and experience combined amongst our team, we know what works and what does not work. Durable, capable, and easily maintainable, we design equipment that not only functions but provides ease of maintenance to the individuals using it.

Our Brush Trucks have evolved over the past 30 years and are designed to meet or exceed Federal and State agency standards. All of our Brush Trucks are NFPA 1906 compliant. We have years of experience in constructing Type 6 Brush Trucks and our designs keep the firefighter in mind, including their setting: rural, suburban or urban.

Standing Out

Designed to move quickly, unlike other fire apparatuses, BFX Brush Trucks are built tough, capable of withstanding off-road firefighting. Read below about what makes our Brush Trucks stand out when compared to others.

  • Lightweight composite material: will never rust or corrode
  • Stainless steel manifolds: has Victaulic couplings for easy maintenance
  • A multiplex electrical system with remote/field diagnostics capabilities: troubleshoot while in the field
  • Unique modular designs: a vast variety of independent storage solutions
  • Specialty trim and finish components: tailor your brush truck to fit your needs

brush truck used by Vejas Fire Department on scene of a grass fireIn service daily throughout the nation, our brush trucks operate in challenging wild-land environments. The BFX Fire Apparatus Brush Truck has an under-structure that is specifically engineered to withstand wild-land off-road abuse. United with our flexible mounting system, we can proudly state that we have never had one of our brush trucks under-structures fail.

At BFX Fire Apparatus, we lead the industry in providing Type 6 Brush Trucks that exceed expectations no matter what environment you are in. Contact us and let us show you why our products stand out among the others.