Rescue Trucks




Rescue Trucks Built Right

Our Rescue Trucks can be provided as a quick response unit, rescue unit, mini pumper or to support other various other department functions. The Rescue Truck has evolved utilizing many of the best practices and robust manufacturing products and techniques utilized in our long-recognized Type 6 Wildland Engines and support apparatus allowing for BFX Fire to take advantage of the evolution of a product dating back more than 30 years. All of our apparatus are NFPA 1906 or 1901 compliant dependent on the intended use and have been designed to meet or exceed the standards of Federal and State Agencies, and municipal and volunteer departments across the country.

The Rescue Truck is equipped with a proprietary composite apparatus body with roll up doors, utilizing stainless, aluminum, or combinations of these built to last materials integrated into the package to accommodate the variations agency / department needs. BFX Fire Apparatus has years of experience in constructing light truck applications with the firefighter in mind, be it rural, suburban or urban. Our trucks are made of a lightweight composite material that will never rust or corrode, adding years of useful life compared to the heavier all-metal construction of other brush trucks.

Our light engines and support vehicles are in service daily throughout the nation in some of the most challenging settings imaginable. BFX Fire Apparatus’ understructure is specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of the off-road environment and united with our flexible mounting system. We are proud to say that we have never experienced a failure with our understructure/flexible mounting system on any of our apparatus.

What Sets Our Rescue Trucks Apart?

There are several things that set our Rescue Truck apparatus apart from the other apparatus manufacturers in the industry today which allows for BFX Fire to provide end-users with a diversity of applications at budget friendly cost to your department:

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