The latest Helitack body design offers end users 55 inch tall front vertical compartments, two (2) additional long horizontal compartments that are accessible from inside the walk-in load bed area, and individual storage location capabilities. Equipped with a swing-out spare tire carrier, windsock pole/mount, and many other features, this vehicle is a “do it all” vehicle.


Model Information:

Helitack Support Vehicle

  1. Available Chassis
    • Ford
    • Dodge
    • International TerraStar
  2. Cab Configuration(s)
    • Regular Cab
    • Super Cab (Ford Only)
    • Crew Cab
  3. Under chassis shielding package designed by Baja racing industry
  4. Heavy duty front bumper/brush guard replacement
  5. Body Feature(s)
    • Fire retardant resins
    • Gel coat surface
    • LED warning lights, scene lights, and DOT lights
    • Composite shelving tracks with adjustable protruded fiberglass shelving capable of supporting 250 lbs. of “live” load
    • Rotary D-ring slam latches
    • Compartment drain plugs
    • Interior load bed shelving
    • Interior load bed cargo netting
    • Swing-out spare tire carrier
    • Windsock pole/mount
  6. Electrical System(s)
    • Class 1 multiplex
    • Weldon V-Mux multiplex
    • BFX Fire Apparatus multiplex
  7. Custom graphics package

Customization Options:

  • Additional LED warning lights or scene lights
  • Pull out drawers
  • Fuel storage compartment(s)
  • Inverter(s) with electrical outlets
  • Winch(es)
  • Portable generator(s)