• Composite Body and Shelving


The latest Helitack body design offers end users 55 inch tall front vertical compartments, two (2) additional long horizontal compartments that are accessible from inside the walk-in load bed area, and individual storage location capabilities. Equipped with a swing-out spare tire carrier, windsock pole/mount, and many other features, this vehicle is a “do it all” vehicle.


Model Information:

Helitack Support Vehicle

  1. Available Chassis
    • Ford
    • Dodge
    • International TerraStar
  2. Cab Configuration(s)
    • Regular Cab
    • Super Cab (Ford Only)
    • Crew Cab
  3. Under chassis shielding package designed by Baja racing industry
  4. Heavy duty front bumper/brush guard replacement
  5. Body Feature(s)
    • Fire retardant resins
    • Gel coat surface
    • LED warning lights, scene lights, and DOT lights
    • Composite shelving tracks with adjustable protruded fiberglass shelving capable of supporting 250 lbs. of “live” load
    • Rotary D-ring slam latches
    • Compartment drain plugs
    • Interior load bed shelving
    • Interior load bed cargo netting
    • Swing-out spare tire carrier
    • Windsock pole/mount
  6. Electrical System(s)
    • Class 1 multiplex
    • Weldon V-Mux multiplex
    • BFX Fire Apparatus multiplex
  7. Custom graphics package

Customization Options:

  • Additional LED warning lights or scene lights
  • Pull out drawers
  • Fuel storage compartment(s)
  • Inverter(s) with electrical outlets
  • Winch(es)
  • Portable generator(s)