• Riding Platform Custom Composite Body
  • 500 Gallon Water Tank


Options include customizing the platform and compartments to meet specific department needs or it can be built to the U.S. Forest Service’s model 643P national standard specification. If you are looking for an exterior riding position, various compartment dimensions, water tank capacity, or auxiliary pump configurations, the BFX Fire Apparatus flatbed model can be tailored to meet your needs!


Model Information:

Standard Features

  • Dodge 5500, standard cab, gasoline engine, automatic transmission, 4X4
  • Weldon Multiplex electrical system
  • PUMP MOTOR, plumbed into vehicle’s fuel tank
  • Stainless steel plumbing
  • Elkhart Brass valves
  • 300 gallon polypropylene water tank, with integral 10 gallon foam tank; Storage area above tank; No rusting, lighter than steel
  • Twin, electric, Hannay, 150′ 1″ hose reels, mounted low-profile for easy access
  • Multiple discharge ports (valved) 1-2.5″, 2-1.5″, 4-1″ (includes industry leading side discharge for unmanned nozzle operation viewable by driver’s side mirror)
  • Electric pump primer
  • Venturi-style discharge-side foam proportioner
  • 2-60″ x 18″ x 18″ lockable storage compartments, aluminum or fiber composite, LED interior lighting (BRIGHT!)
  • Dri-deck style compartment liner
  • Whelen LED warning lights and siren
  • Whelen triple- function perimeter lights (two on each side of bed and two on the rear of the bed) [Triple-function: warning, flood, and downward projection, with individual controls from the cab]
  • Electronic console for warning light, siren, wiring for radio, including two pre-wired antenna mounts on the roof (capped; antennas and radio connectors not included)
  • Industry-leading slip-resistant walkway providing access to water and foam fill towers, above tank storage area, pump, and plumbing
  • Striping, lettering and reflective chevron (we have our own graphic’s designer)

Customization Options:

  • Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, International CV
  • Single rear wheel versus dual rear wheels
  • Darley, WATERAX, Hale, Waterous pump
  • Gas, Diesel, PTO or Hydraulic powered pump
  • Up to 500 gallon water tank
  • Integrated draft hose storage area under the aluminum bed
  • Electronic discharge-side foam proportioners
  • Single and twin electronic bumper discharges with spray nozzles with in-cab controls
  • 1.5″ pre-connected hose tray, valved and plumbed to the pump discharge
  • Additional storage compartments (either open expanded metal or enclosed aluminum or fiber composite) mounted on top of either or both exisitng compartments
  • Telescoping 12VDC LED floodlights
  • Traffic-directing lighting devices with cab-mounted controllers.