Composite Body

Corrosion and rust resistant allow the end user to use this body, no matter the season, without fear of the body eroding away due to chemicals applied to roads during the winter months or the salt from an ocean increasing the probability of forming rust.

The composite body system has been used by Federal agencies and municipal departments in excess of three (3) decades. When you combine this system with BFX Fire Apparatus’ pump package, electrical package, and chassis modifications, you are equipping your fleet with the best equipment available. With a very comprehensive list of standard features, BFX Fire Apparatus offers a wide range of customization to fit the needs of your fleet!


Model Information:

Type 6 / Brush Truck / Quick Attack

  1. Available Chassis
    • Ford
    • Dodge
    • Chevrolet
    • International – CV Series
  2. Cab Configuration(s)
    • Regular Cab
    • Super Cab (Ford Only)
    • Crew Cab
  3. Under chassis shielding package designed by Baja racing industry
  4. Heavy duty front bumper/brush guard replacement
  5. Body Feature(s)
    • Straight or Contour design
    • Fire retardant resins
    • Aluminum understructure
    • Removable fenders
    • Springer body mount system
    • Draft hose storage
    • Composite shelving track with protruded fiberglass shelves capable of supporting 250 lbs. of “live” load
    • LED emergency, scene, and DOT lighting
    • Rotary D-ring slam latches
  6. Electrical System(s)
    • Class 1 multiplex
    • Weldon V-Mux multiplex
    • BFX Fire Apparatus multiplex
  7. Plumbing Feature(s)
    • Available Pump(s)
      • Darley
      • WATERAX
      • Hale
      • Waterous
      • CAFS
    • Auxiliary Pump Power
      • Diesel
      • Gasoline
      • PTO
      • Hydraulic
    • Intake
      • 2 inch to 3 inch
    • Discharge
      • ¾ inch to 2-1/2 inch
    • Single aluminum hose reel
    • Electronic level gauge(s)
    • 150 to 400 gallons of water
    • 5 gallon to 20 gallon foam cell
    • Integral storage for spare tire, chainsaw, ice chest and personal gear
  8. Custom graphics packages

Customization Options:

  1. Floor mounted console(s)
  2. Winch(es)
  3. Back up camera system
  4. LED scene lighting
  5. Additional LED emergency lighting
  6. Discharge Option(s)
    • Dual Hose Reels
    • Pre-Connect(s)
    • Front road sprays
    • Electric front monitor
    • 1-1/2 inch side discharges
  7. Aluminum and fiber composite independent modules
  8. Pull out drawers, adapter trays and adjustable shelves
  9. Transverse Compartment